Your youth consultants, vision creators, & community engagers.

At MoHow, we engage with communities from the classroom to the stateroom. To ensure they are clear about what they do, why it matters, and how to get it done.

MoHow is your youth consultant, vision creator, and community engager.

Our legacy is the communities we shape and the people we empower.


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From Kuwait to regional WA we believe in asking people to share what they value. We focus on working with key community stakeholders to extend this invitation and then creating more of that value together.

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Meaningful communities

Our vision is to create meaningful communities by enabling the voices of all people. We take pride in fostering positive citizens and creating lasting human and social capital.

Appreciative approach

Our approach to consultation is one of appreciative enquiry. With experience ranging from youth engagement to community empowerment, we place an emphasis on creating and communicating a shared vision with key stakeholders.

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Appreciative enquiry consulting.


Our consulting approach is to listen first. Because how can you improve someone's outcomes if you don't first know what an improved outcome looks like for them.


Engagement of communities and people is about creating frameworks to determine a collective vision. Whether it's through a national youth forum or via individual one-on-one consolation.


Appreciative enquiry is about determining a shared vision for a community or group of people. This a process of collating and translating separate voices into a collective vision.


Communication of a shared vision between communities and key stakeholders is a critical part of engagement consulting. We believe that when a vision is heard and acted on, an opportunity for social growth will arise.

A few of our project partners

MoHow works with the NYCA, National Youth Commission Australia.MoHow works with the Youth Network of Tasmania.MoHow is a current member of the Commonwealth Secretariat Preferred Consultant Pool.MoHow works with and has consulted for The United Arab Emirates.MoHow works with and has consulted for the Kuwait Government.MoHow works with and has consulted for The Sri Lankan Government.MoHow works with and has consulted for BHP.MoHow works with the Youth Network of Tasmania.

About us

MoHow was established in 1998, with a vision to deliver an independent voice, linking youth policy and theory with practical on the ground advice and facilitation.

Working with corporate, regional, city, and remote communities across the globe MoHow champions appreciate consulting and vision lead facilitation.

An Australian Government preferred consultant, MoHow exists to ensure communities are clear about what they do, why it matters, and how to get it done.

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MoHow's lead consultant, Michael O’Meara (Mo).

MoHow consulting on student engagement.

“Mo’s vision for this project was to create something special for the students, where their passions and purpose would shine through their education experience.

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MoHow consulting on student engagement with Melbourne Polytechnic.
A long-term look at appreciative enquiry with the Tasmanian Youth Network.

A long-term look at appreciative enquiry.

“This approach involves asking the youth of Tasmania what their vision for the future of Tasmania is.

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Making an impact since 1998

With 22 years of engagement consulting across more than 300 projects we take pride in empowering communities to have an impact.

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MoHow was founded in Perth and Melbourne.


First project:

Mid West development council, engaging young people.


First international project:

Facilitating a new national youth policy in Sri Lanka.


Lead facilitator at the National Youth Round table.

Prefered Aus Gov youth facilitator.


First top tire corporate client:

Consulting on BHP's safety concerns.


Began work consulting on the Kuwait national youth project.


Consulted on the UAE national youth engagement plan.


Ten years as lead facilitator at Tasmanian youth forum.


Lead facilitator on the Melbourne Polytechnic student charter.

We want to be part of projects which require different thinking. Got a challenge for us?

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This is MoHow

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