MoHow facilitating National Youth Policy and Strategy engagement.MoHow facilitating the Kuwait National Youth Project.MoHow working with community to establish and achieve a shared vision.MoHow in the Sahara desert as part of their appreciative enquiry research..MoHow working internationally as a guide, advisor, and facilitator to high profile and sensitive National Youth Policy and Strategy initiatives.MoHow working with students to identify and support their vision.MoHow facilitating the Youth Network of Tasmania's engagement initiatives.MoHow leading facilitation teams into regional Australian.

Our vision is a reflection of our belief in appreciative engagement.

At the crossroad of community and government, with hopeful and diverse thinking, to create social and economic capital, and a touch of magic.

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We establish shared visions and help bring them to fruition. We help you understand where you fit into community development. We listen first and act second.

We create parts of our economy that haven’t been thought of yet.


We thrive on engaging with people that have never been engaged with before, helping build meaningful communities all over the world.


We aim to create positive citizens by moving beyond simply teaching someone what a positive citizen is, but by giving them the opportunity to become one.


We hope to enable every voice we encounter,by placing them at the forefront of community and youth decisions.


We thrive in the middle of government policy, social capital, community vision, creativity, and economic growth.

About us

MoHow was established in 1998, with a vision to deliver an independent voice, linking youth policy and theory with practical on the ground advice and facilitation. The preferred Lead Facilitator of consecutive Australian Government youth policy and engagement initiatives, MoHow has lead facilitations teams into hundreds of corporate, regional, city and remote communities across the globe.

Working internationally MoHow regularly performs the role of guide, advisor and facilitator to high profile and sensitive National Youth Policy and Strategy initiatives. Working with governments and organizations of all types of sizes in countries such as Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kuwait and the UAE. Most recently, MoHow performed the role of international advisor and facilitator to the UAE National Youth Empowerment Strategy and the Kuwait National Youth Project in recent years.

MoHow is a current member of the Commonwealth Secretariat Preferred Consultant Pool and the Australian Government Youth Facilitator Panel.

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MoHow's lead consultant, Michael O’Meara (Mo).

We want to be part of projects which require different thinking. Got a challenge for us?

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