We believe in creating hopeful and future proof communities, online and onsite.

At MoHow we believe in creating hopeful and future proof communities, online and onsite.

Some of our past and present clients.

MoHow works with the NYCA, National Youth Commission Australia.MoHow works with Melbourne Polytechnic.MoHow is a current member of the Commonwealth Secretariat Preferred Consultant Pool.MoHow works with and has consulted for The United Arab Emirates.MoHow works with and has consulted for the Kuwait Government.MoHow works with and has consulted for The Sri Lankan Government.MoHow works with and has consulted for BHP.MoHow works with the Youth Network of Tasmania.
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MoHow advisory consulting.


Design meaningful projects

Establish project vision

Focused project implementation

We provide evidence-based onsite and online guidance to help you design and implement your projects.

We do this by sharing and applying our learnings from over 25 years of experience consulting in countries, cultures, and projects all over the world.

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MoHow facilitation consulting.


Aspirational project planning

Facilitate communal understanding

Determine community vision

We seek to facilitate projects of importance and with a commitment to vision making rather than “quick fixes” or “problem-solving”.

We are vested in facilitating projects that are aspirational and that take time to understand. Helping you clarify goals and discover desired futures along the way.

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MoHow engage consulting.


Conduct local research

Local appreciative engagement

Understand community aspirations

Engagement is the foundation of our approach and is best found through the appreciative engagement of local people and communities.

We begin by understanding communities’ aspirations for the future, determining intent through careful listening, and questioning.

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MoHow bridge consulting.


Connect projects with community

Build long term relationships

Grow and maintain trust

We find that the key to establishing meaningful youth and community projects is providing opportunities to form and maintain trusted relationships.

This goes hand in hand with doing things well and doing things that have not yet been done before. We believe in connecting you with the world.

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MoHow capital consulting.


Secure economic capital

Grow social capital

Broker the first dollar

We help secure social and economic capital to underpin the achievement of national and big project visions, having established funds of up to $2 billion in the past.

Whether big or small, we understand what it takes to broker the first dollar and we are ready to put our social and economic skin in the game.

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MoHow aspire consulting.


Professional speaking

Share stories of success

Discuss and learn together

We are engaged the world over to speak and host professional business, community, and youth events.

Our goal is to create speaking environments where two-way channels of growth, sharing, and learning are fostered.

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MoHow personal best consulting.

Personal best

Establish a shared vision

Develop your team

Appreciative engagement training

We strive to educate the future drivers of communities, with opportunities to learn from the best community and youth consultants in the world.

Whether it’s with us or other knowledge leaders, we help you and your team establish and develop meaningful vision and leadership tools to take on cutting edge projects.

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We want to be part of projects which require different thinking. Got a challenge for us?

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