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Engaging the voice of young people with the Kuwait national youth project.
In any country, it is not only good practice but good business to engage the voice of young people. When government development agenda and youth vision are aligned economic diversity is fostered and the foundations are laid for a more engaged and purposeful population.

In 2012 the Kuwait Al Diwan Al Amiri (Office of the HH the Amir) announced an ambitious project to do just that. The National Youth Project was tasked with creating an inaugural National Youth Council to hear the voices of young Kuwaiti’s (18-35 ) and later fostering economic diversity in Kuwait. MoHow was brought on to the Project, in the beginning, to provide advice on the formulation of an interim National Youth Council. The first of its kind in Kuwait. MoHow then facilitated an appreciative engagement of members of the interim National Youth Council and provided training and support to the National Youth Project Office.

In 2012, the youth of Kuwait represented 72% of the population. [1] When the future of a country makes up most of the population, proactive action is required to close the gap between the development agenda and the country's vision. This is especially true in times of civil and social unrest, where enabling the voice of young people works to foster positive citizens.

“Enabling the voice of young people works to foster positives citizens.

With this in mind, MoHows facilitation was made most real by its place within the heart of the Kingdom of Kuwait. The project carried the weight and expectation of the HH the Amir, the Al Diwan Al Amiri and the young people of Kuwait. During its operation, the first Ministry of Youth was established and the Kuwait fund was formed. The two billion dollar fund stemmed from a desire to support youth entrepreneurship and develop young leaders in Kuwait. Most Importantly the fund was born out of young people’s desire for one, where a culture of creativity, craftsmanship and innovation would be fostered in Kuwait.

“A culture of creativity, craftsmanship and innovation would be fostered in Kuwait.

This desire was echoed by a National Agenda when at the closing ceremony of the National Youth Project in 2019, His Highness the Amir of Kuwait announced the Kuwait Centre for National Creativity and appointed a most significant Kuwaiti creative and leader Sheika Zain Al Saba to envision its development. In 2021, His Highness the Amir of Kuwait in the opinion of MoHow positive changed the future of Kuwait and its young people, announcing that creativity would be the number one future economic earner in Kuwait. This vision is supported by economic data, with creative goods imports in 2015 equaling $309 billion from the top ten importing economies [2].

As one of the larger-scale projects Mohow has consulted on, the Kuwait National Youth Project represents what’s possible when youth vision interests with a genuine and resourced agenda led by the clarity of intention from the most powerful office in the land.
1. Youth Empowerment in Kuwait. (2019). Retrieved 4 May 2021, from https://www.kw.undp.org/content/kuwait/en/home/operations/projects/democratic_governance/youth-empowerment-in-kuwait.html

2. Creative Economic Outlook. (2015). Retrieved 4 May 2021, from https://unctad.org/system/files/official-document/ditcted2018d3_en.pdf

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