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Do you want to engage with young people to achieve meaningful outcomes?


Perhaps you are about to embark on a new youth engagement initiative and you are thinking of how to take those first important steps.  You may be wondering what effective engagement looks like and how you can ensure young people are involved from the ground up.

MoHow is an experienced guide that:

  • helps you identify options and strategies
  • provides practical engagement tools and techniques
  • facilitates and demonstrates key participation processes

Our team can guide you through the process from initial engagement of young people and stakeholders right through to implementation.  We can coach you on what works best and the mistakes to avoid. We will help you steer your program in an informed and sustainable direction.

Our approach is informed by previous projects of significance and our role is unique to each client, culture, and context.


How does MoHow support you?


First - we LISTEN
  • We will seek to understand what your country, community or organisation is aiming to achieve with young people.
  • We then get a solid handle on the big picture and the specific environment in which the proposed project will be taking place.
  • We will then offer you a crystal clear proposal on how our team can help you achieve your goal. 
Second - we PLAN
  • With a clear goal established, we develop a step-by-step action plan that helps you to meet your objectives in a timely and cost-effective way. 
  • Our expertise bridges youth development theory and practice, so you can be sure your action plans are in tune with current thinking and best practice.
  • Our action plans are underpinned by an engagement methodology that promotes high levels of participation and stakeholder ownership.
Third -  we IMPLEMENT 
  • We put the team together. This includes a personal project guide who can work with you on the ground and advise and facilitate an engaging process that leads to results.
  • Throughout the implementation stage, we will build your in-house skill and capacity. We will work with your local teams of facilitators to demonstrate, train and impart youth engagement knowledge that lasts well beyond the project.
  • We provide an evaluation framework that captures the progress and impacts of your project.


Let MoHow walk you through the process to realise your vision.

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“One of the most knowledgeable and generous youth developers on the planet”

Peter Kenyon – Bank of IDEAS

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