Michael O’Meara (Mo)

Founder and Principal Consultant

Mo established MoHow in 1999 to deliver a truly independent voice linking youth policy and theory with practical on the ground advice and facilitation. Leading all MoHow projects, Mo soon became the preferred Lead Facilitator of consecutive Australian Governments youth policy and engagement initiatives. Appointments include the National Youth Roundtable, 2020 Youth Summit, Australian Youth Forum and Australian Youth Agriculture Think Thank.

Mo has also led MoHow facilitation teams into hundreds of city, regional and remote Australian communities. Top tier corporate clients have included BHP and Woolworths.

Internationally, Mo regularly performs the role of guide, advisor and facilitator to high profile and sensitive National Youth Policy and Strategy initiatives. Clients including the governments of Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Most recently, Mo has performed the role of international advisor and facilitator to the UAE National Youth Empowerment Strategy and the Kuwait National Youth Project.

Mo is a current member of the Commonwealth Secretariat Preferred Consultant Pool and the Australian Government Youth Facilitator Panel.


Christopher Jones

Lead Consultant - Research and Partnerships

Chris is responsible for tracking global approaches in youth development practice and policy. While in recent years Chris has been working at the forefront of global youth development research and policy initiatives, he started out on the road of youth engagement as a youth worker.  Chris is passionate about youth engagement as to put it simply, working with young people is fun. Chris is a good listener and keen writer, who puts people at ease while capturing their ideas and visions. Outside of MoHow you can usually find Chris out on the trails running, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or seeing a musical performance.