• Youth Participation



    Building the future with young people

  • About MOHOW


    MOHOW, led by Michael "Mo" O'Meara, is an international consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. Our major focus is the development of National Youth Policy and Strategy formulation.


    With over 20 years consultancy experience in policy development, event management, facilitation, and program design, MOHOW has worked successfully with all levels of government in many countries, most recently, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.


    Our clients range from international NGO’s and global companies to rural Australian Councils and communities.


    The MOHOW philosophy is to share learnings and processes that respect and translate across cultures and build on what is already working.


  • Why Youth Participation


    A core philosophy in all MOHOW activities is youth participation - involving young people deeply in the making of their future.


    At MOHOW, we believe that youth participation is a core value for the 21st century for societal institutions, governments and communities everywhere. From experience, while every context is different, the desire for positive youth participation is usually shared by governments and young people alike.


    MOHOW provides advice and facilitation that helps bring governments, communities and young people together to build a diversifying economy and positive society.




    Youth participation is a universal question that transcends generations, geography, language and culture.

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